escagirluk (escagirluk) wrote in ff7writer,

Fic Rec Search (This is okay, yeah?)

So, I've recently been bitten by the desire to read some FF7 yaoi fics. But not just any old fic.

I'd like long au fics. Fics where Genesis and Angeal use their freaking heads and don't go awol, thereby sending Sephiroth on a spiral of destruction and psychopathy.

Really, I just want some long au fics where Genesis and Angeal don't leave Sephiroth and Zack, where Sephiroth doesn't go Dark Side, where Cloud is mostly spared of the misery and emotional trauma and actually gets to be freaking happy, where preferably Hojo and Shinra get their asses kicked dead like in the games only with less psycho!Sephy.

And where the pairing is Seph/Cloud, Seph/Zack/Cloud, or hell even Seph/Genesis/Angeal/Zack/Cloud (because that is an OT5 to die for).

I'd like long (like, 10,000+ words) fics, prefferably complete but I'm cool with WIP so long as they're updated regularly (at least once every couple months).

Also, totally crossposted this to: ff7yaoi, ffvii_yaoi, ff7writer, and ff7 livejournals.
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