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Gods Touched Chapter 5

Author:  Dragonia27
FF7 Character:  Sephiroth
OC's:  Included, mine,Hades and Raven
Genre: General Fiction
Setting: After DoC, here in our world
Status:  Multi-chapter, WIP
Summary: As the healing begins, Kassandra talks with Hades about her predicament while learning just how dedicated every one is.   
Rating:  PG-13 for abuse on the OC
Pairing:  None
Disclaimer:  I don't own Sephiroth. Square Enix does.  The OC's and ideas are mine though.

"You need to leave now," Sephiroth's voice cut through the blessed darkness of sleep and tugged me awake.  There was something about it that made me feel like I had to.  I opened my eyes and found myself still held in his arms.  He didn't move the whole time?...Really?

"I just want to see her and make sure she's okay," Larissa said slowly.  I could tell she was trying to keep her cool and not panic.

"I told you, she is fine, I will not hurt her and you need to leave her to rest," Sephiroth replied.  Without looking at me, his hand soothed the hair on my head, coaxing me back to sleep.  He continued the motion, like he was trying to calm a child...or himself.

My left side was numb from being in the same position for so long.  I shifted my weight and his focus snapped to me.  His wing shifted slightly away from me, keeping me shielded and warm but giving me room to move.  I worked my tongue in my mouth, trying to moisten it so I could talk.

"Look, she's my friend too and having you all over her scares me."  I heard Larissa take a few steps into the room and then stop.  "I don't want to hurt her.  I never have."  Her tone had become soothing even to my ears.  "I'm worried about her too.  We were supposed to go out last night and she didn't show up so I want to make sure that she's all right."

Sephiroth focused on her completely.  "Last night, because of your Gods, she nearly died."

Larissa gave a doubtful grunt.  "Right."

"He's right, you know," said a man in the doorway.  He was a Native American male with black feathers in his hair, naturally.  God-Power came off him and my head began to spin.  "Hades was here and everything.  Sorry, little raven," he said as I clung to Sephiroth.  Just him being there was like very hot water scalding my back.  I shut my eyes to block most of the pain.

"Raven?" Larissa asked.  I heard her move toward him and heard him nod.

"The one and only," he made a small salute.  "They overwhelmed her last night because they're scared of him.  They thought...." he
shrugged.  "It doesn't matter what they thought."  He held out a pouch.  "Have her drink all of this."

Larissa opened it and looked inside.  "It's a bunch of herbs."

"You make a tea out of it," Sephiroth growled, still soothing my hair.  "Is that all you came for?"

I heard the rustle of feathers, beads and hair.  "Yep.  No worries, I'm not going to stay longer.  I don't want her hurt either."  With that he
turned and left, leaving Larissa staring after him.

Finally she said, "I'll go make the tea," and left the room.

When she was out of the room, Sephiroth turned to me.  "Are you all right?" he asked.  I noticed he had stopped stroking my hair.

I nodded.  Even that hurt.  "I'm..." I swallowed, willing my mouth to be anything but the desert it was now.  "Fine."

"You're lying," he said gently.  I looked up at him and he smiled.  "You're not fine.  I've died  and been around death enough; I know that you're not fine." He stroked the side of my face with a finger.  "Still, I'm glad you're alive."

I tried to smile but I think it came off as more a twitch of the corners of my mouth.  "Thanks," I rasped.  Slowly I sat up, him supporting my movements the entire time.  I took so long sitting up that Larissa had the tea finished by the time I did so.  Inwardly I groaned.  Great.  My one weekend away and I'm an invalid.

Sephiroth moved his wing slowly, allowing me to adjust to the change in light.  I turned my head away from it at first, it was so bright.  Then I turned and faced Larissa.

Larissa was not happy.  If I had any delusions about her being okay with him being here, any at all, they were killed in that instant.  Her jaw was set, her shoulders squared.  If she could, she would be impaling him with her eyes and then picking him apart.  She tried to smile when she saw me but it changed to worried horror.  Not that I blame her.  I didn't feel any better than just-barely-escaped-death so I can't imagine I looked any better.

She offered the tea and my stomach turned.  I buried my head again and he soothed my hair.  "You need to drink it," Larissa said gently.

"Nuh-uh," I responded.

"Drink it," she pressed gently, coming slightly closer.

"No," I said.  My stomach was threatening to physically leap out of my body at this point.  I didn't want to give it incentive.

"Drink it or I'm shoving it down your throat," she said, near me.  I heard and felt Sephiroth chuckle.

"I hate you," I whispered, taking the tea.  It nearly fell out of my hand but Sephiroth caught it and tipped the cup to my lips.

"I know," Larissa said happily, almost chirping like a bird.  "But that'll make you better so you'd better drink all of it."  She rose and went
over to the desk and sat down, watching me drink.

It took a while, going sip by sip.  Still, it didn't taste too bad.  And my stomach didn't revolt like I thought it was going to.  Finally the cup was
finished and I handed it back to Larissa.

"Did you want more?" she asked.

I forced myself to look at her and move away from Sephiroth.  He steadied me the whole time and moved his wing so I didn't trap any of the
feathers.  I shook my head.  "Nah," I managed.  The world spun a little and I stopped moving for a bit.  Then, when things quit spinning, I
looked at her again.  My tongue was thick in my mouth but it wasn't as parched as it was before.  "Not right now."

She nodded reluctantly.  "Okay."

Dante poked his head in the room.  "So, when are we going down to the convention?  You guys have been taking all morning.  I've all ready had breakfast and everything."

The entire populace of the room turned and looked at him.  I know I looked like death warmed over because that's how I felt.  Larissa had to be killing him with a look because he suddenly wouldn't meet her eyes.  Sephiroth took a deep breath and stayed quiet.

"Oh, hey, you got your wing," Dante nodded.  "That's cool."  He turned his gaze to me.  "You don't look so hot."

I swallowed and blinked slowly.  Really?  Did this whole thing just come out of his mouth? ...Gods above.  "I think I'm gonna...stay here...for a while," I said slowly.  I laid down across the bed with my back to Sephiroth.

"I will stay here." Sephiroth said softly.  He looked at Larissa who seemed torn between wanting to have fun and not wanting to leave me
unsupervised with him.  "She has a phone you can call on?"  When she nodded he continued, "You could give it to her so she could answer
without getting up."

Larissa chewed her lip for a minute, glancing between me and Sephiroth.  "You guys excuse us for a minute?"

Sephiroth nodded and stood, wing coming in close to his body so as to not damage it or anything in the room.  He left the room, shutting the door before Dante could say anything.  Dante, for his part, had to move quickly before Sephiroth shut his fingers in the door.

Larissa came over and sat on the floor near my head.  This way, we were eye to eye.  "You look like shit," she said as she brushed some hair away from my face.

"I'll be all right," I managed.

"Uh-huh.  I don't know 'bout leaving you alone with this guy."  She shook her head slightly.  "He's unpredictable and off his rocker."

"Yep," I nodded in agreement and immediately regretted the action.  The fabric of the bedspread seemed to light my skin on fire and the pain rippled down my neck before finally settling out near the middle of my back and disappearing.  "But I'll be fine."

She gave me her best "bull-shit" look, complete with the head tilting to the side and the raised eyebrow.  "And how do you figure that?"

"Easy.  I'm a Mother."  I swallowed and motioned toward the tea pot.  "Mind pouring another?"

She shrugged.  "Nah."  Handing me the second cup she continued, "And what's that got to do with it?  Jenova's his mom, right?  At least according to him?"

I sat up to drink the tea and nodded in agreement.  "But, when we met, I told him I was a Mother.  He's been following me since."  Larissa turned her finger in the air, level and pointing at her head.  "Stop.  You're right.  I'm not saying he's not...."I looked at the door.  "But, for one reason or another, he's decided not to hurt me.  He could have all last night and he didn't."  I chuckled weakly.  "Hell, he could have killed me when we first met but he didn't.  I don't know why."  I drank more of the tea, feeling more like myself.

"It's still an iffy situation.  He's unpredictable."

"I know."  I focused on her.  "He didn't hurt you, did he?"

Larissa looked away from me for a second and then back.  "Not really.  He just scared me and I  don't think you should be alone with him."

"Lar," I said bringing the cup down.  "What happened?"

She shook her head.  "Stop worrying about someone else for once and focus on yourself, okay?  He didn't hurt me.  I'm not sure about him not  hurting you.  Yeah, he's okay with you for now but what happens when you don't live up to his expectations?  What happens when this weekend comes to an end and we all go back to our normal lives?"  Her blue eyes fixed on me and wouldn't let me go.  "What if he tries to follow you home?  Have you thought about that?  You've got a husband and kids, Kass.  Your husband is gonna try to kill him or force him to leave."

I groaned softly.  "I know."  I rubbed the bridge of my nose.  "I've been trying not to think about that.  I wanted to focus on one thing at a time but ….It's still there and I'm going to have to deal with it."  I looked at the door.  "Because he's not going to leave me, if this weekend is any indication, and I won't make him.  I don't want him wandering around in the world alone."

"You're not his mother."

"I know.  I'm not Jenova."  I returned to drinking my tea.  "Still, he hasn't killed anyone yet and--"

"Yet.  He will, if he really is Sephiroth."

I was quiet for a while.  Truth be told, I was really worried about that.  Yeah, he listened to me yesterday but what about tomorrow?  Who is going to be the poor soul to bear the brunt of his anger and hate?  I looked at the door again.   He's a SOLIDER.  Sooner or later, he's going to get into a fight...What am I going to do then?  A gentle coolness rose from my feet and enveloped my being.  For a minute I felt like I was
floating in the tide of peace.  It was cool, like an autumn morning and it chilled me slightly but I was used to it, mostly, by now.  I'd felt brushes of it for the past twenty years.  Mentally, I went to my knees and bowed with my forehead touching the floor.  Lord Hades, I whispered, eyes carefully averted.

He was there, carefully keeping his distance while still holding me in his power.  Do not worry so much.  It will not help you.

I understand, my Lord.  But--

There is no "but".  He made a sweeping motion with his hand, as if to wipe away the word and concept.  Do not worry about other people.  All you must concern yourself with is him and yourself.  I could feel his gaze boring into me.  Get up.

Yes, my Lord.  I rose but kept from looking at him.  Here, I was fine, my body strong.  I have a hard time not worrying, though.  I try not to but I can't seem to grasp it.  Some part of me wonders about "what if" or if I could do something different.

You can always do things differently.  However, the way you do them makes you unique.  Trust yourself and quit second guessing.  Your path is set, you need only walk it.

He was silent and I didn't make any attempt to engage him.  My path was all ready set?  Finally, I brought my head up enough so I could see the bottom of his beard; it was as far as I ever had dared to look at him before and I wasn't about to push it any further now.

What is it?  He asked gently and softly.

My path.  This is what I am meant to do?  I shook my head.  I don't understand.

You don't have to understand a destination to walk on the road.

That's true.  But I can't help but think that somehow, something went wrong.  I finished hesitantly.

Hades chuckled softly.  Are you saying the Gods made a mistake?

I shook my head quickly.  No, my Lord.  It's not that.  I just don't think I'm the right person for--

For him?  You are, otherwise you would be before the Judges right now.

I fell quiet again.  He had a way of being so blunt it could hurt.  It was strangely comforting right now.  My Lord?


Do you think I can do this?

Naturally.  I do not pick incompetent people, nor do I choose people lightly.

What about my husband and children?

They will be cared for.

I bowed deeply to him.  I understand, my Lord.  I will not fail you.

Do you know what we ask of you?

No, my Lord.  I shook my head, rising slightly.  A smile gently tugged my lips.  But that isn't important, is it?  I know you and the other Gods have placed me on this path with these obstacles and that is all.  There is something I am meant to accomplish and when I have, I believe you, or one of the others, will let me know.  Until that time, I will serve as best as I am able and pray I do not fail.

His beard twitched as he smiled.  Then you understand.  And with that I hurtled back into my own body, grimacing at the pain of reality away from the cool comfort of his presence.

The whole thing happened in less time than it took Larissa to sit back in the chair.  "So what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to finish the tea while you and Dante go to the convention."  I held up my hand to stop her objections.  "When I'm finished, I'll get
dressed and then we'll both join you guys down there."

"All right.  But I'm calling if you take longer than an hour."  Larissa rose and went out of the room, with a glance over her shoulder at me before changing direction and going into her own room.

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