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Gods Touched Chapter 4

Author:  Dragonia27
FF7 Character:  Sephiroth
OC's:  Included, mine and Greek gods
Genre: General Fiction
Setting: After DoC, here in our world
Status:  Multi-chapter, WIP
Summary: With Kassandra injured, Sephiroth confronts the gods who hurt her.  
Rating:  R for fights
Pairing:  None
Disclaimer:  I don't own Sephiroth. Square Enix does.  The OC's and ideas are mine though.

All talking stopped the minute the door opened.  They shifted and stared at each other, various Gods and Goddesses from the old myths and legends.  A few stood taller as they looked at him, meeting the challenge from him, this God from the other world.

In the shadows, Hades raised an eyebrow as he watched the man.  Sephiroth stood in the doorway, blocking the exit.  Hades raised his left hand, restraining his nephew with the slightest motion.  "Let's wait and see," he said in a whisper.  His green eyes narrowed.  "I want to see how he handles this."

"I'd run him through," the nephew growled as his blood red cloak swirled slightly around his booted heels.

Hades chuckled.  "I know you would."  He watched the peculiar blade the man carried.  It was of this world and not at the same time.  It was most odd, for a God's weapon, since it seemed to draw power from the god himself.  Though Hades couldn't be sure about that.

The nephew shifted.  "If we step in there, they'll leave."  He grinned mercilessly.  "At the very least it would be fun to watch 'em run like a
bunch a roaches."

"If I go in there right now, she'll die."  Hades soft statement caught the other god unawares.

"What?"  The nephew's eyes flared to life, fire licking the sockets before they settled back into their deep brown.  "What did you say?" he snorted, "'Cuz for a moment there I thought you said she was gonna die."

Hades nodded as he watched the more timid deities leave the room.  He could see Kassandra now and what he saw made him sad.  Her body was convulsing at the joints, mostly in the hands and wrists but occasionally her foot or knee would twitch.  Her breathing was shallow and her skin pale while being covered with a fine layer of sweat. Cracks creased her lips and they moved in nonsensical mutterings.  She's probably begging them to stop.  His eyes narrowed.  Fools.  Ignorant fools.  He took a cautious step forward and watched her spirit anchor waver.  He backed up, knowing that if her anchor was severed she would die.

All this happened in the time it took Sephiroth to fully enter the room.  Sephiroth turned his head to the left and then the right, pausing in Hades direction.  His eyes glanced about, like he couldn't actually see the Silent One but he knew he was there.  A soft gasp came from
Kassandra as energy coursed through her too fast for her body to comprehend it.  Sephiroth's head snapped toward the sound and his eyes narrowed.

The blade at his side glittered in the light of the deities and their energy.  Their magic flowed around the room, bending things out of their way without causing damage to the room itself.  In a blur of motion the long blade was held at the ready, across his chest angling to the right, and the foreign god smiled.  Effortlessly he swung his arm to the left, cutting whichever gods happened to be in the blade's path.  Laughter bubbled softly from him as the sharp instrument cut through armor, down to the flesh of the gods and their immortal
energy trickled out like water in a spring.

Hades' nephew made an appreciative sound in his throat.  The gods around the room were fleeing if they could, taking their energy with them.  Some stayed though and they were ready for a fight.  None of the gods seemed eager to engage Sephiroth though.  The Silent One glanced to the left and saw Puck hovering in the doorway, wide-eyed.  Hades returned his attention to the room.

Weapons clanged as Athena brought her staff around to catch Sephiroth in the back of the head.  He pivoted and brought his blade around, narrowly missing her foot.  She stepped back, cursing as she bumped against the bed.  Sephiroth whirled to face her, a silver and black blur.  "What are you still doing here?" he asked conversationally.  One look in his eyes told the goddess that he would stop at nothing to kill her right now.

"Giving her the strength to deal with you," Athena said as she dodged backward, unsure of the weapon and the one wielding it.

Sephiroth laughed and stood still.  "'The strength to deal with me'?" he mocked.  His mako green eyes met her gray ones.  "She doesn't need anything to deal with me."  He turned his attention to the form laying on the bed.  Worry creased his brow and Athena took another cautious step backward, holding her spear low but ready.  "All of you ignorant fools are the ones who hurt her," he said, his voice hardening.  He returned his gaze to Athena.  "You're the ones who hurt her.  You're the ones who don't care about her."  He took a step toward the goddess.

Athena looked past him to the small handful of gods still in the room.  Most of them had their weapons out but in a relaxed pose.  Then she noticed that most of them were staring past her into the shadows.  She straightened and turned slightly and noticed the pair behind her.  "Ares," she muttered darkly.

The Greek God of War had a smile spread across his face.  "Athena," he said contentedly.  "Looks like you're havin' a bit of a problem."

"It's nothing I can't handle."  She returned her attention to the man advancing on her.  "Why are you here?"

Sephiroth shrugged.  "You were killing Kassandra," he said simply as he advanced.  The blade at his side blurred to life as it swung around
coming for her neck.

She dodged and brought her spear around to trap his sword.  Normally she would follow the attack with a blow to the torso but he was too far away.  She looked up and noticed a inky blackness coming from his right hand.  It curled around his fingers, growing darker and more potent.

"You could leave," he offered genteelly.  "If you leave, I won't follow.  But I would do it soon, if I were you."  Another glance to the bed, "I'm giving you the option because it's what she would want.  I personally don't care if you die here or when I find you later.  But I will kill you for what you've done to her."  His tone was so light and casual that Athena felt briefly chilled.

The goddess nodded, releasing his sword and stepping backward.  "I retreat then."  She turned and walked past Ares who stepped half out of her way.

"Nice, real nice," he said quietly to her as she stepped past him.  "Just outta curiosity, what did you try to give her?"

"Wisdom," the goddess answered.  "There will come a time when her heart and her head are at war and she will need to know the difference for us all."

"No pressure," Ares sneered.  "What's wrong with lettin' her trust her gut?"

"Because that is what you would do," Athena said and vanished.

Sephiroth watched her leave and then turned to the other gods.  "Give me the chance to kill you," he said smiling.  His blade came up and he held it at his shoulder, ready to attack.

They left quickly and he turned his attention to the two remaining gods.  Sephiroth did not flinch from Hades, like so many others did.  Nor did Ares intimidate him.  The trio stared at each other for a moment, measuring each other.  Finally, it was Hades who broke the silence.  "We did what we were able to.  Observe," he stepped into the room and Kassandra's breathing became broken and shallow.  The Silent One retreated to his former position and Sephiroth nodded slightly.  "Neither one of us wished to harm her."

"Which is why we stayed put," Ares said.  He nodded to Sephiroth.  "You did all right, for a new guy."

Sephiroth blew air out of his nose, making a "humph" noise as he turned back to the room.  "Get out," he told the pair behind him as he walked to the bed and knelt down behind her head.

The sword fell to the floor, forgotten for the time.  Ever so gently Sephiroth picked up Kassandra's head, trying not to pull her hair.  She winced and groaned.  "I'm sorry," he whispered, "but I have to."

Delicately he pulled her to him, touching her as little as possible but supporting her entire body.  She's so light, he thought.  Her body is barely warm.  His eyes searched her face.  He swallowed and reached around her shoulders, cradling her to him.  Slowly, he tilted her so that her face rested against his chest.  Then he pulled the rest of her body to him, picking her up as he sat fully on the bed.  Once he was cross-legged he let her weight settle on his lap, still holding her head against his chest.

Don't die.  I'm here.  I have you and you are safe, Mother.  I will protect you.  Reaching into the magic reservoir inside him, he gathered enough magic to pull out his wing.  This will help keep you warm.  The wing wrapped around her and the longest feathers nearly reached her ankles.  Sephiroth focused on her face, wrapping both arms around her torso, holding her like a child.

Her breathing evened out after what felt like hours.  Kassandra's head rolled forward as a result of being held and Sephiroth rested his chin on the top of it.  Closing his eyes, he steadied his breathing to disturb her as little as possible.  He tried to keep his mind calm because his intense emotions seemed to add to the pain when he touched her.  I will hold you as long as I have to.  The sounds of the night died away as he slipped into darkness.

* * *

I hurt.  All over.  My body.  My soul.  My everything hurt.  Then came the realization that I was warm, mostly.

Gradually I realized I was surrounded by darkness.  I reached out for Lord Hades but he wasn't there, no more than usual anyway.  It was slightly different though, like he was trying to support me instead of staying in the shadows.  Something tickled my leg and I slowly opened my eyes.  Black feathers brushed against it when I breathed out.  Black feathers?  Huh?  I followed the feathers up and up until they came too close to my head and it hurt to try to focus on them anymore.

I shut my eyes again.  It hurt too much to keep them open.  After a while, I became aware of resting against something that moved.  Am I in Charon's boat?....No, that wouldn't be right.  Not with the feathers.... I flexed the fingers in my right hand and felt cloth and then flesh.  What?  I groaned softly.  What the hell?  What now?  I must be getting delusional.  I slowly opened my eyes and focused on my hand.

It was resting against flesh which was warm to my touch.  A black bit of fabric ran diagonally across the skin, under my fingers running up and to the right.  I was breathing which was good, I suppose.  All though, with the pain I couldn't be sure.  Slowly I took a deep breath and felt strong supports holding me upright.  Slowly I looked around and saw that the supports were arms.  Arms?  Black feathers?...The black fabric and skin....

For a few minutes I just rested there, not moving and taking everything in.  Whoever I was leaning against was breathing slowly and deeply, like in a meditation.  There was something on top of my head, keeping me still.  I tilted my head up just a little and the pressure eased off my head.  The person holding me took a deep breath, bringing themselves back to full awareness.  Carefully I brought my head up, stopping when I felt dizzy or when blackness threatened.

When I finally did bring my head up completely, I blinked in surprise.  "Se...?" I stopped and tried again.  "Sephiroth?" I asked weakly.  My voice sounded faint even to me though it had taken a lot of effort to do that much.

He smiled and gently pressed a black gloved finger to my lips.  "Shh," he said softly.  "Don't speak.  You need to rest."  He soothed my hair.  "You're safe now.  I'll stay with you and protect you until you're well."  His eyes fixed on my face again.  "Rest."

I was hard pressed to argue and, to be frank, I didn't want to.  Rest sounded really nice.  I mean, that's what I came here for anyway.  Shutting my eyes I listened to the sound of his breathing and found myself lulled by the rhythm of it.  Eventually, I fell back asleep.

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