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Gods Touched Interlude

Author:  Dragonia27
FF7 Characters:  Sephiroth mentioned
OC's:  Included
Status:  Multi-chapter, WIP
Summary:  The various gods who brought Sephiroth to our world are coping with the developments in their own way.  
Rating:  PG-13 for actions, themes and general gods induced trouble
Pairing:  None
Disclaimer:  I don't own anything from FF7, even implied like it is here.  The OC's and idea are mine.  I don't own the gods, either.


Loki paced the halls of the castle.  While the foreign god shook things up, he wasn't sure about the Gods-Touched who found him. There was something unpredictable about her and it wasn't something he could put his finger on.  It's almost as though there are two people...He slammed his fist into the wall, sending dust and stone flakes flying.  There can't be two people.  That would be too obvious.  Two personalities...that's something else entirely.  She oscillates between being really patient and not.  Then again, she's human.  His lips quirked into a smile.  She's human.  The god walked off, mind buzzing with possibilities.

As he flew over the city, Hermes' mind wandered to Kassandra.  I hope she's up for this.  I mean, she's got the experience, I guess.  She's smart....Just when I look at her "patrons" I can't help but wonder what's in store for her.  He dodged around a building.  We're going to have to keep an eye on her and try to keep her family safe.


Raven and Coyote sat around a fire on Avalon, not saying much of anything.  Both had looked into who they had summoned and both were thinking about the man they'd brought here.  Coyote looked up at Raven.  "Do you think she'll be all right?"

"I think this is a lot more complicated than any of us realize.  Did you see the way he followed her, without question?"  Raven shuddered.  "That's disturbing.  Why would he attach himself to her anyway?"

Coyote shrugged.  "Dude, her main God is Hades and this weirds you out?  She's a healer who has the Lord of Death as her patron.  That makes my fur stand up."

Raven bobbed his head in agreement.  "It's a little unsettling, but not much."

"So says the scavenger."

Raven fell quiet, staring into the fire.  Within it he saw Kassandra and before her the path split into almost a dozen different directions.  The foreign god could kill her, although right now...that probably wasn't going to happen.  Sephiroth had physically put himself between Raven and Kassandra, perceiving the bird god as a threat.  In that instant Raven knew she'd be safe.  He's not going to hurt her, unless he's pushed way too far.  That's not likely to happen.  He's going to be killing gods to keep them away from her unless... his thoughts strayed and a Vision washed over him.

There, in the darkness, Kassandra walked down a path.  Emerald mist came up from the ground, curling and winding around her.  Soon, she was surrounded in it and then it parted.  There were two of her standing there.  They looked at each other and smiled.  The one on the left looked younger...no...different.  Her body was similar...but there was something off.  It wasn't clear to Raven yet but he had the feeling it would be before this whole thing was over.  The one on the right was the Kassandra he knew.  She fairly glowed this time.  Her entire body radiated happiness.  With a nod to each other, they began walking straight ahead, angling off in their respective directions.

Eris smiled to herself as she walked along.  Suddenly a gloved hand attached itself to the wall, blocking her path.  It was black leather with the fingers cut off the glove.  She followed the arm and found her brother, Ares.  His eyes fairly blazed in their sockets as he watched her.  He was older than she was and his entire focus was her.


Ares was dressed like a modern biker.  He'd read the Jackson books and liked the description.  For all intents and purposes it was nearly exact.  The person who wrote it was probably Gods-Touched, they'd reasoned.  Either way, he liked it and that's what he was wearing now.

Eris tried to smile but her mouth twitched instead.  It doesn't matter if he does know, she tried to tell herself.  But as she gazed at his battle ready form, she knew all too well what he could do.  She'd ridden with him in his chariot more than once and seen his affect on the battlefield.  Now it was all directed to her.  "What is it?" she asked, trying to sound annoyed, without entirely succeeding.

Normally, he'd smile or quip.  Now his lip was beginning to curl into a snarl.  "Afraid I'm gonna figure something out, Sis?"

She rolled her eyes to cover up the swallow of fear.  "There'd be a first time for everything then, wouldn't there?"

The God of War brought his face inches from hers.  He sat there for a terrifying minute and Eris grew nervous.  She swallowed and glanced away from her brother.  "That's what I thought," Ares muttered.  He turned on his heel and walked off.

The kitsune sat watching Oberon as he surveyed his children, the Gods and Goddesses the world knew.  He wasn't well known and he liked it that way, for now.  He turned his attention to her as she soothed her eight tails.  "Ayumu, what do you make of this?" he asked her softly.

She looked up at him.  "I don't know, my Lord.  This foreign god is something no one expected.  Not all of us are here, either.  Those who are not, will not know about him."  She stopped talking, watching the Lord of the Fae process that information.  Hopefully, she'd distracted him from questioning her further.

"They will find out soon enough."  He looked at the sky and then turned his attention completely to her, trapping her with his gaze and will.  "Ayumu, I want an answer.  What do you think happened to bring him here?"

Ayumu gulped.  Understandable, with him cornering me like this.  "My Lord, he was summoned.  We don't know who or why.  His presence here does not serve any specific purpose other than to cause us panic at this time, correct?"  Oberon narrowed his eyes.  "He does not seem to have come here willingly and, perhaps, we could convince him to return to his planet."

Thunder clapped and lightening flashed overhead.  "And where is his home, Ayumu?  Until he arrived here, I didn't even know he existed."  Oberon's voice was low but it rumbled like the thunder above.  "Until he arrived, things were going well for us."

"Well enough considering the humans were forgetting about us and we were losing our powers one by one," Ayumu brought up cautiously.  "Perhaps he was brought here to make the humans realize we still exist without putting any of us in direct danger."  She soothed the fur on her tails.  "Even if he wasn't brought here for that, we could use him that way, yes?"

Oberon snorted and turned away from her.  She breathed a sigh of relief.  The Lord of the Fae heard it but didn't react.  He needed her nervous enough to tell him anything.  He could figure out if she was telling him the truth or if she was telling stories.  "No, we can't use him that way."  With a shake of his head he dismissed the idea.  "We cannot interfere with humans, not directly."

"No, but he could," she brought up.

Choosing to ignore her for now, Oberon looked again at his children.  This foreign god wasn't even on Avalon and yet he was all ready creating chaos.  Gods and Goddesses were falling into groups based on their abilities, which was something new.  They talked with others from their own regions but then they would return to those with their own skill sets.  He narrowed his eyes.  Sky lords, death gods, water lords with their servants close to them, sun lords, ...there's the moon rulers,....Where are the tricksters?  He scanned the crowd and then extended his search to the whole island.  They were scattered.  A few of the lesser known tricksters could be found meeting with each other but the prominent ones were all missing from a collective circle.

On that note, Oberon chose a group, the sky lords to focus on.  Zeus, Odin, Jupiter, Shu, Hepit, An and others clustered in a group.  He tuned his attention in on them, seeking their magic signatures, and stopped abruptly.  With them clustered this close together, all focused on a specific goal, he couldn't tell where they were from.  He couldn't separate out their specific power signatures.

He turned back to talk with Ayumu but she was gone.


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