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Gods Touched Chapter 2

Author:  Dragonia27
FF7 Character:  Sephiroth
OC's:  Included: Kassandra, Larissa, Dante, minor characters
Status:  Multi-chapter, WIP
Summary:  Kassandra weekend gets more complicated as Sephiroth takes a very pointed interest in her and decides to follow her.  All she wants is to relax.  He wants answers...and she just nominated herself to give them.
Rating:  M for Sephiroth's imagery
Pairing:  None romantic
Disclaimer:  For entertainment only.  I don't own Sephiroth, or anything from FF7.  Square Enix does.  The OC's and idea are purely mine though.

Anime convention

I walked away from him to anywhere I could sit.  My head was spinning from the power that had coursed through me.  I needed to eat and sleep, otherwise the medic team would be carrying me back to my room.  Wouldn't that be a great way to start off the weekend?  Sephiroth said he wasn't going to kill anyone and that was all I could ask for.  I weaved to the left and put my hand out to steady myself.  Easy now.  One step at a time.  No rush at all.  Head down, I took a few deep breaths and tried to keep my world from slipping out of control.  Finally, I looked up at the balcony just to see.  The gods were still there, watching intently and not doing anything.  Figures.  I tried to keep the bitterness out but even I knew I didn't succeed.

The world tilted as I walked but I still made it to a table and sat down.  Sitting was better than standing at this point—there was less distance to fall.  My hands and arms were shaking but I put my head in my hands anyway.  I needed darkness to ground myself and this was the only was I was going to get it.  My body shuddered as supernatural power brushed past it and I closed my eyes.  Please, please let me be.  I'm too tired to serve you right now.  I thought of myself on my hands and knees, begging.  Yep.  That's how I felt right now.

"Is there anything I can get you, miss?" a honeyed voice asked me.

"Tea," I choked out, the word sticking in my throat.  "With ginger and mint, please."

I heard him incline his head.  "Naturally.  I'll be back shortly."  His footsteps receded and I was left alone, blissfully alone.

A minute later I heard a chair scrape away from the table and caught myself in the middle of rolling my eyes.  The familiar sensation of being close to supernatural power began tingling in my skull.  Stopping I took a breath in and brought my head up.  "Can I-" the words died in my throat as I looked at those green mako eyes.  He raised an eyebrow and "help you?" tumbled out of my mouth.  He followed me?!  What the hell?!

"I'm fine," he said softly.  He stared at me for a moment, eyes searching my face, and then turned his head to glance at the waiter who had shown up.  His eyes narrowed but he looked back to me as the man held out the tea.

The cup clanked slightly as the waiter's hand shook.  "Your tea, miss," he said as he set the cup down.  I looked at him and caught the slight breeze of power again.  This was the same man as before.    His golden hair shimmered slightly in my vision and he tried not to look at me.  Like a servant.  The cup bearer.  Even he's here.  Fanfrickintastic.  "We didn't have any ginger tea so I added some ginger slices on the side.  The tea is mint, though.  I hope you enjoy it.  Just catch my attention if you need a refill.  Don't worry about the cost."

I smiled at him.  The smell of the tea alone was all ready putting me in a better mood.  "Thank you."  He left quickly, fading back into the crowd.

Sipping the tea, I felt the nausea slip away.  Smiling to myself I returned my attention to the man across from me.  The Silver General of the Wutai War, Sephiroth.

He didn't say anything as the crowd mingled around him.  His eyes darted this way and that but they always returned to me.  People passing paid him compliments to his costume and the more of them he got, the more his jaw set and slowly the fingers on his right hand began to clinch into a fist.  Finally, he shut his eyes and took a deep breath.  The snarl of disgust eased off his face to where there was only a tug on the corner of his mouth.

I set the tea down, the cup softly clinking onto the table.  His eyes flickered under his eyelids and I smiled to myself.  "Are you all right?" I asked him.

His eyes snapped open at the sound of my voice.  He smiled slightly.  "I said I was fine."

I inclined my head in agreement.  "Yes, but that was before people said you look good.  Now," I motioned to his hand, "you're getting angry, or irritated at the very least."

He flattened his fingers on the table.  "You are very observant."

"I'm a mother.  It's part of the job description."  'I'm a Mother.'  I'm going to hit whatever god put that in my mouth.  It won't hurt them but, if I live through this, it'll be worth it....Unless Hades did.  Then I'll just let it go.  I watched Sephiroth as the people passed.  I finished my tea in a gulp.  "You're not all right.  Let's find you somewhere else to sit."

"This table is fine."  He reached up and caught my arm as I tried to stand.  "You are tired.  You need to rest.  I'll cope until you feel ready to continue."

I sat down as the world tilted from contact with him.  My nerves flared from contact with him, tingling and stinging like blood had been cut off and then returned quickly.  He's loaded with power, just like a god.  Gods above.  He released me as soon as I nodded.  "Okay," I swallowed the nausea and reached reflexively for my tea.  With an inward sigh I realized it was empty.  "You win.  We'll sit here for a while."

Sephiroth nodded.  I caught the waiter's attention and held up the cup.  The waiter nodded and faded into the crowd.  Sephiroth looked around at the people gathered in the food court and back to me.  "What is this place?"  He quit talking as the waiter returned with more tea.  Once the waiter left he continued, "Where am I?"

I waved my hand around to encompass the people in the food court.  "This is an anime/manga convention.  Anime is a form of drawing animated shows, cartoons but most of them are for older people than, say, six-year olds.  Manga is similar but it is drawn in book form.  The art form originated in Asia, mostly in Japan."  I sipped the tea and then chewed on the ginger, grimacing at the taste.  But it settled my stomach so I wasn't going to complain.

"A convention?" he raised an eyebrow.  "Do they normally dress like that?"  He motioned to a man dressed up as a Sailor Scout.  Mercury, if I wasn't mistaken.

I chuckled, shaking my head.  "No.  Most of the people here are dressed in costume."  He returned his attention to me and I couldn't help feeling trapped.  He was so completely focused on me, there was no where to hide.  Instead, I leaned into his gaze, closing the distance between us.  "Look.  I'm going to be as honest with you as I can be, during the entire time you are near me.  There's no point in lying to you."  The corner of his mouth twitched and I continued, "There are going to be people here dressed up like people you know.  Some of them may even try to engage you in a 'combat'" I did air quotes around the word "combat".  I watched his eyes spark and held my hand up.  "Don't, please, and there's several reasons not to," I counted them off on my fingers, "One, you'd kill them.  Two, they think you're acting, that you're just someone in a costume like they are.  Three, most of them aren't going to know the first thing about combating in real life.  It wouldn't even be a fight.  It would be a slaughter.  Four, if you do, we'll be thrown out and that would suck."  His head cocked to the side ever so slightly and I continued.  "I like being here.  I like all the people here, even if I don't know them.  The people here are pretending to be the people you see and, in your case, know."

I stopped talking, tired and fearful of saying too much or not enough.  I watched his face but since learning I was observant, he was keeping his face carefully neutral, and the rest of his body was still as he processed the information.  "You like being here?" he finally asked.

"Yeah.  It's a nice break."  I tried not to bang my head into the table.  Out of all the things I mentioned, that was what caught his attention.

"The people here are in costume and assume I am as well?" he glanced around the food court again.  Not as bad as I thought, maybe it's just taking him a while to process everything.

"Yes.  Most people here are going to assume you spent a lot of time on your costume for this event so you could pay homage" inwardly I winced as the word left my mouth.  Sephiroth's mouth twitched in amusement,  "to your favorite character."  I shut my eyes and rested my mouth on my hands.  Way to go genius.  You know what his ego is like and you just gave fuel to the fire.  Mentally I hit my head on the table.

"The people here dress up to pay homage?" Amusement trickled into his voice and he smiled.  "I would like to know more about this place."

I bet you would.  Opening my eyes I met his gaze again.  I can't get out of this.  I looked up to the balcony and glared at the gods as Raven waved to me.  Bastards.  "All right.  So did you want to stay with me for a while then?"

He glanced around the room and up to the balcony.  His gaze lingered there for a moment before turning back to me.  His eyes narrowed marginally before he returned his gaze to me.  "I would like to."  He waited until I stood and then rose.

We wandered around and I tried to avoid the people dressed like Final Fantasy 7 characters.  The last thing I wanted was him thinking he didn't kill Aeris well enough the first time and doing it again, and again.  He trailed me like a shadow, silent and close.  People looked at him in admiration and some reached out to touch him.  Gracefully he dodged, keeping himself out of their reach.  I saw some of the coordinators ahead and stopped.  I turned around to face him, swallowing at the prospect of what I was going to have to tell him.  "Sephiroth, do you see those people up there?"  I motioned past me and he followed my gaze.

"The pair in the identical shirts?  With the tags hanging down from their necks?"  I nodded and he did as well.  "What about them?"

I saw his left hand tighten on his sword and put my hand close to his but I didn't touch him.  I was on my feet and didn't want to end up otherwise.  "They are going to ask if you have a peace ribbon on Masamune."

His mouth curled into a snarl.  "'A peace ribbon'?" he sneered.  When he saw I wasn't joking his mouth smoothed into a smile.  "Why?  What is it for?"

I swallowed.  "People who come here are required to put it on their "weapons" to show others that they mean no harm. That they're only props, part of their costume and not functional," I finished, my voice low.  I expected him to grip his sword and show them just how functional it was or, at the very least, shove me sideways and walk away.

"Part of the costume?" He searched my face and I nodded.  "Do others who dress as me do so?"

"Yes," I whispered as the coordinators came closer, walking directly toward us.  Please, please let them live through this.  I shut my eyes and prayed.

"You enjoying yourself today, sir?" one of them asked.

"Immensely,"  Sephiroth replied, smooth and calm.

"I don't see your pass on you, sir.  Do you have it stashed somewhere?"  I heard the man take a half step forward and swallowed.  Reflexively I reached for my pass and felt a second one.  I grabbed both of them and pulled them out, bringing my gaze level with Sephiroth's.

"Here it is guys," I told them, offering it for their inspection.

The one closest to me nodded and then turned his gaze to Sephiroth.  "You must've just gotten in.  You need to put a ribbon on your sword."

The corner of Sephiroth's eye twitched but other than that he didn't move.  Then he smiled and nodded, dipping his head to the side in a "silly me" gesture.  "You're right.  I knew I forgot something."  He gestured behind him.  "I just became a little too caught up in events.  I'll get one immediately."

The man closest to me shrugged.  "No need for you to go back to the table for it.  I've got one you can have.  Just make sure to stop off at the table and declare it next time, all right?"

Sephiroth's smile widened as he held out his hand for the ribbon.  "Of course."

The guy furthest away from me took a half step forward and reached for the sword.  Damn it all!  I stepped in-between Sephiroth and the man.  "He likes to stay in character."  I shrugged apologetically.  "Sorry but no touchy."

He smiled and nodded, holding up his hands in defense and backing up.  "Sure thing."

The other one handed the ribbon to me and I turned to Sephiroth.  Our eyes met and I could feel the anger bubbling just below the surface.  His eyes rippled but then he nodded at me, bringing Masamune around just enough to let me see the hilt.  Then he held out his hand expectantly.  I nodded and passed the ribbon to him.  He tied it on loosely but it would last to get us away from the people.  I smiled at him, grateful.

"Thanks man," one of the two said as they walked off.

I waited until they were gone and swallowed.  Sephiroth brought his face close to mine.  "I won't put up with this much longer."  His eyes drifted to the ribbon and I knew what he meant.

I searched his face, "Are you hungry?"  Why are you following me?  Why are you listening to me?  Why are you here?...  I took a minute and mentally calmed myself.  This kind of thinking would get me no where, especially with him.

"If I said yes, would we leave this place and go somewhere else?  Somewhere you would relax?"  His tone was soft and the lines around his eyes seemed to take on a different cast but I couldn't tell what it was.

My mind raced and then everything fell into place: the room, the pass, everything.  "Yes," I nodded.  "If you wanted something to eat, I would take you somewhere else where we could both relax."

He straightened and turned to look behind him.  His eyes flashed in anger and he turned his body to block my view of what was beyond him.  After a moment he turned back to me and nodded.  "I would like that then.  Please, lead the way."

So I led him back to the only safe place I could think of:  my hotel room.

Kassandra's Hotel Room

Once we were in the room, I breathed a sigh of relief.  The tension ran out of my shoulders and into my back but at least I'd gotten him away from the people.  I turned and saw him still standing in the entryway, watching me.  At least he shut the door.  I gestured to the table and chairs.  "Sit down.  If you want I can make you something."  I made my way into the kitchen and checked the cabinets.  Satisfied, I began to heat water for tea.  I was going to need it.

He walked over and sat down, his mako eyes following even my smallest movement.  "Are you going to sit down?"

I leaned against the counter.  "I'll sit with you after I've gotten my tea.  Until then, I'm okay here, really."  I stretched my shoulders, trying to loosen my back, to no avail.  I felt on edge, like there was something I was missing but didn't know what the problem was.

"Tea?  Do you eat anything else?"  His eyes drifted to the cabinets and the mini-fridge.

I nodded.  "I do but I ate just before we met so I'm not all that hungry."  He raised an eyebrow at me.  "I'm having trouble staying calm right now so the tea will help me."

"If I wanted to hurt you, I'd have done it by now."  He waved his left hand and Masamune vanished.  He shut his eyes and the air tingled around me.

A sharp pain hit the base of my skull and I shut my eyes with a sharp intake of breath, doubling over to escape the pain. My hand flew to the base of my skull, seeking the knife that should be there.  I felt fire blaze up my arms from the elbows to my shoulders and cried out, falling forward.

I didn't hit the ground.

I stopped as my head bumped against something.  Inky blackness bubbled into my consciousness and I almost slipped into it but then I was gently lifted away from it.  I slowly raised my head and brought my breath under control.  Those mako eyes were level with mine, searching my face.  My knees felt weak and my thoughts raced so fast I couldn't even catch what they had been.  Things settled and even the fire dampened on my arms.  Confused, I looked down and saw him holding me upright, his hands firmly gripping my arms, just above the elbow.  "I'm okay," I choked out.

He let go of me and my arms cooled.  He took a step back but didn't sit back down.  The kettle whistled, letting me know my water was done.  I made my tea and inched to the table.  Once there I sat down and then Sephiroth sat down as well.  "Will that help you?" he asked.

I nodded.  "It usually does."  I sipped my tea and let my gaze settle on him.  My eyes drifted out of focus and I entered the spot where most people get when they're drunk.  The world was a little blurry but I could see things I didn't before.  Black wisps coiled off him then returned and the air around him rippled with power.  I brought my eyes back into focus and leaned into the chair, relaxing as best I could.

* * *

He knew she was going to fall the minute she decided not to sit down.  When she did, he was there, catching her and making sure she didn't fall.  His touch seemed to hurt her though and when she said he was all right, he let her go.  I don't want to hurt her, if I can avoid it....  Her back was to him and his eyes narrowed in thought.  Why do I feel this way?

Once she was seated he took his seat opposite her and watched her carefully.  There is a power there but it is contained, restrained, perhaps.  Interesting.  I would love to see it.  Her eyes unfocused and then she blinked and drank her tea.  Sephiroth leaned forward to pull her into a conversation as she sat back in her chair.  "You said you would not lie to me."

She looked at him over the top of her cup.  She took another drink and then set the cup down.  Her arms came back to her body, crossing across her middle, guarding her.  Humph.  How primitive.  Still, she feels threatened...I don't like that....Why?  Lady Death nodded slowly, "That's right.  I'll tell you the truth as best I am able."

"What is your name?"

"Kassandra, if you want my full name, but most people call me Kass."


She shrugged.  "I don't know.  It's easier for most people, I guess."

"Do you like it?  Your name?"  If she relaxes, I can ask her the more difficult questions without her having a heart attack or dying from fear.  Tedious but necessary.

She looked away from him, staring at the wall.  Something bubbled in her, deep under everything else.  "It's okay, I guess.  My mother named me that because it means 'she who entangles men'. …  My mother had a strange sense of humor that way."  Her attention drifted away, focusing on something far away.

"Your mother?"  Kassandra's whole body tensed and Sephiroth leaned back an inch or two.  "You do not like her?"

Kassandra shut her eyes and swallowed hard.  "I don't like either of my parents."

"I understand," Sephiroth said, even though he really didn't.  He understood he was pushing her too far though and she might break.

The darkness that bubbled in her rose a little more and it was met with a light of sorts, from what he could tell.  She absorbs the darkness....But it is separate from her still.  It's almost like they're attempting to merge but failing.  He watched her again, sipping her tea.  Her gaze met his again and the corners of her mouth twitched in a smile.  "You must be wondering where you are," she said gently.

"Not really.  It doesn't matter to me where I am, as long as I ..." his voice trailed off.  But I don't have her.  I don't know where Mother is and I can't find her right now.  His gaze settled on the woman across from him.  "How far am I from Midgar?"

Another sip of tea.  "You're a whole world away, from what I can tell."  Her voice was smooth and matter-of-fact.

Another world?...Giddiness began to beat in the core of his soul.  I've done it!  Mother will be so pleased.  He reached out again for Jenova but was met with the same emptiness.  Mother?  "But where am I?"

"You are on a planet called Earth.  It is the third planet in our solar system and the only one that's inhabited by any sort of life like ours."  She sat forward then, "Sephiroth, I don't know how you came here or why.  What's the last thing you remember?"

His gaze drifted away.  What did he remember?...Swords clashing, darkness, Cloud.  "Cloud," he told her.  The world spun as he leapt to the sky.  Then there were blue and gold sword pieces hanging in the air around him, closing him in a circle.  Flash after flash of pain, short and sweet but deep and then the pieces fell to the ground.  Cloud was on the ground...No.  He was standing on top of the building they had fought on...

Sephiroth leaned forward with his right arm shielding his stomach.  His breath caught in his throat and his world spun.  "I...will never... never be a memory," he said to Cloud.  Then darkness rushed up to him.  Then he was surrounded by women and men in the food court.  Pain seared through his torso, flaring around the original wound Cloud had given him so many years ago.  It snaked out to all corners of his awareness and everything spun.  Angrily he tried to push past it, pushing himself up from the chair but then the pain blazed sharply through him, like a sword running him through, again but more intense.

He stumbled and then fell, toward the sweet release of death.

Kassandra caught him, using her body to stop his fall.  When he impacted with her, she winced and stumbled a little.  Her arm came up, keeping him from falling off to one side.  "You're heavier than you look," she muttered.

Sephiroth's eyes fluttered open.  "Hmm?" he asked as things began to settle for him.

Kass gripped his left arm firmly and set it around her shoulders.  "You need to lay down," she said as she turned and began walking toward her bedroom.

Sephiroth let her lead him as he tried to get his bearings.  He remembered Kadaj, vaguely.  He remembered the fight with Cloud and returning to the Life Stream so soon after he had left it.  They stopped and she eased him onto the bed.  A groan escaped his lips as he settled on the soft surface.  His head sank slightly into the pillow and he turned his head to look at her.  "Do you find me attractive?  Like the women downstairs did?"  She stopped moving and green crept into her eyes as she looked at him.  Odd...They change color.  "Is that why you brought me in here?"

She sat down on the bed next to him but not touching him.  "I brought you in here because you need to rest.  I can shut the door so you're not disturbed by the other people coming and going from the room like you would be if I laid you on the couch.  This is where I would have been sleeping.  You need to rest though.  We don't have materia here so be careful.  We don't have any potions or elixirs either so the best I can offer you right now is rest."

He nodded and his eyes began to close.  "I...understand."  He yawned and felt her rise from the bed.

"If you need anything, just ask.  But, for now, sleep.  I'll be in the other room, if you need me."  She gently closed the door and Sephiroth turned over and fell asleep.

His eyes snapped open as he was jolted back to consciousness by one of the most annoying sounds he had ever heard.   Rolling over he found the source of the noise in an ugly brown phone.  It was ringing over and over again.  He waited for it to stop, for her to answer it but then he heard the shower.  I could just cut it in half.  Then I wouldn't have to listen to the infernal thing anymore....It rang again and he narrowed his eyes, glaring at it.  But Kassandra wouldn't like that.  There was that damn feeling again.  The phone rang again and he grabbed it, "Hello?" he growled into the mouthpiece.

"Umm...hi," a female voice came back over the line.  "Just a sec," she covered her end with her mouth and he heard her talking to someone on the other end of the line but couldn't make out the words.

His lip was beginning to curl in a snarl.  He wanted to sleep and this damn thing rang.  Then, when he answered like any other person in existence, the one on the other end of the line didn't even have the grace to speak to him.

"Okay," she said as she returned.  "Is this room 472?"

Sephiroth rolled his eyes.  She doesn't even know where she's calling?!  He took a deep breath and forced some patience.  "Yes," he said.

"Oh....Well...is Kass there?"

He looked around the room.  "No, she is not in this room.  She's in the shower."

"The shower?"  Again the cover up and again his patience was running short.  Her hand slipped off the piece.  "Why?"

Sephiroth rolled his eyes and tried not to strangle the phone.  "Because she's tired.  She wanted to clean up."  That's usually the reason people take showers, isn't it you stupid girl?

"Is she going to be there for the next ten minutes or so?" the girl was sounding anxious.

"I suppose she is.  The shower is still running and we have no where else to go that I am aware of.  Would you like me to give her a message?"  I need to put this down or I am going to break it.  Sephiroth rubbed his forehead wearily.

The girl on the other end of the phone shook her head.  "No, that's okay.  We'll be there shortly.  Thanks though."  She hung up and Sephiroth glared at the receiver.  He set it down and narrowed his eyes, daring it to ring.  When it didn't he climbed back into bed and shut his eyes, meditating.

No materia.  No potions, no elixirs.  I am a legend of sorts here and people dress up like me to pay homage when they come to this event.  Mother is gone and I cannot find her.  Lady Death, Kassandra, knows much more than she was able to tell me but will answer my questions soon enough.  She didn't answer whether she found me attractive though, did she?...No... she didn't.  They have electricity here but no mako.  If they did, I'd feel it.  Lady Death doesn't want me killing anyone but--  The sound of flesh hitting flesh snapped him out of it.  He opened his eyes and placed the sound outside the room, in the larger one.  Kassandra!  He leapt out of bed and opened the door.

She was standing in a towel across from another girl, presumably the one he had spoken to on the phone.  A man was behind the other girl, red haired and skinny.  His eyes were wide like he hadn't expected something to happen which just had.  Kassandra was standing with her head to the side, like she had been slapped.  Anger bubbled deep in his core and he was in front of her in an instant, glaring at the other girl.  The boy staggered backward, eyes wide and he bumped into the door.  The girl squeaked and fell backwards.

Sephiroth blew air out of his nose making a "humph" sound.  His lips curled into a smile as he settled his gaze on the girl quivering in front of him.  Summoning Masamune could prove costly without the materia and mako around since putting it away had actually caused him pain.  Still, he could kill her a hundred other ways.  His right foot slid backward to steady himself and he brought his right arm up to strike but felt slight resistance on his elbow.

"Don't," came the soft voice from behind him.  He turned and looked at Kass, her cheek still red from the impact.  "She doesn't understand."

The other girl finally found her voice.  "I understand plenty, Kass!  You've got a husband and kids, for Gods' sake.  What are you doing with--?" she was cut off as Dante put a hand over her mouth.

"Shh!" he whispered in her ear, not taking his eyes off of Sephiroth.  "Don't, just don't."

Sephiroth returned his attention to Kassandra and softly touched her injured cheek.  "You're hurt," Mother.  The thought hit him hard, cutting him like the sword strikes he remembered from earlier.

She reached up and gently took his hand away.  "It's a slap, Sephiroth.  She slapped me because she thinks that you and I were having sex."  Kassandra was quiet, watching the shock dance across his face.  It went quickly and he refocused on her.

"Sex?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.  Sephiroth looked Kassandra up and down and then settled back on her eyes.  He blinked and tried not to look uncomfortable.  Sexual intercourse....with a woman...or anyone....White lab coats flashed across his mind.  Metal instruments, medical readouts.  Sephiroth pushed the images from his mind.  That was a long time ago, on another planet.  That isn't anything he had to worry about anymore.

"She didn't give me a chance to tell her that we haven't.  I--"

"Like hell, Kass.  He's your favorite character and this guy is a dead ringer for him.  He's got the best costume I've ever seen on someone pretending to be Sephiroth.  You--"  Larissa began.

"I didn't get the chance to tell her anything yet. I would like to talk with her," Kass said calmly, looking around Sephiroth.  "But I figured it would be better if I dressed first."  She gave Larissa a small smile.  She turned and walked back to the bedroom he had just come from.

He straightened and narrowed his eyes at the pair quivering on the floor.  Pathetic.  His lip curled and it spread into a smile.  Soon enough.


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